SUBDUED -  Piano based cues with strings, guitars and electro/ambient textures suitable for long form, dramatic storytelling. 


A Walk In The Night - Slightly dark, open piano and ambient vocal textures and soft, moving strings. Slow build to the end.  

Moonlit Beauty -  Intimate, hypnotic piano melody. Features live string quartet. Dramatic lift at 1:50 punctuated by filtered drums and pulsing synth.

Keep The Fire Burning - Single note, repetitive piano line surrounded by fast moving, urgent cello rhythm. Flute and clarinet accents. Evocative, slow paced cello enters at :29. Subtle lift at :56.

The Truth Will Find It's Way Out - Fast moving handclaps around single note piano melody. Bell-like, dreamy textures in the background. Solo strings and deep synth bass add drama at :45.

Drifting Slowly - Intimate, raw upright piano layers. Steady build. Depth is enhanced at 1:30 with bass and low percussion hits.

Full of Grace - Sweet, repetitive upright piano. Ambient delays provide atmosphere and depth.

Lost In Thought - Dark and open. Random piano textures and melodies. Pulsing bass. Sound design. Tense.

Let The Story Unfold - Begins with light piano and sound design. Lift at 1:08 as symphonic string lines build intensity. Piano and strings build to climax at 2:16, followed by delicate outro.

Melancholy - Spacious piano and sound design. Clean spacey guitar textures. Serious, yet delicate.

All Is Quiet - Solo upright piano. Soft and yearning.