My name is Jon Meyer, and my life is filled with music. I compose music, help others make music, and from time to time write and perform my own tunes. 

I spend most of my days in Paper Walls Studio, located in Dallas, TX. Thanks for stopping by.


Merge Production Music Catalog

I'm excited to announce the release of Merge, my new production music catalog distributed by the Atomica Music Library. The catalog features multiple composers and musical contributors, blending the musicianship of real humans on real instruments with the electronic and sound design styles necessary to meet the requirements of modern media.

television and film placements

Additional Production Music Albums

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Music Producer

Paper Walls Music

I've worked as a music producer for over 15 years and have been fortunate to work with artists including Addison Road, Ross King, Billy and Cindy Foote, Joe Moralez, Jourdan Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Drue Phillips, Todd Wright, and many more. I work out of Paper Walls Studio, located near Dallas, TX.



selected discography



I've written a few songs of my own along the way. Check out the albums below. Purchase from iTunes or bandcamp




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