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My name is Jon Meyer and I tell stories through music and film. My work as a media composer is played all over the globe in TV shows, films and advertisements. In my free time I combine the roles of composer and filmmaker, creating audio/visual projects of deep personal meaning.

PAPER TRAIL is a 9 song album of modern composition songs, accompanied by a 4 part film series. The album and final film will release on October 23rd, 2019.

MERGE MUSIC is a catalog of tunes composed specifically for music licensing.

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PAPER TRAIL | 10.23.19




Paper Trail is a music and film project about a lost boy and the family that helps him find his way home. It all started with a piano, a family vacation, a drone and a desire to tell stories with my eyes as well as my ears. You can follow my journey into filmmaking by watching the first 3 episodes of the Paper Trail story. The final film is in the works and will release soon, along with a full length album. The first two singles, Find Me Far Away and Sky And Flora, can be streamed on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp.



A collection of my favorite tracks written for various purposes, styles and moods. License these tracks and listen to the entire Merge Music catalog at


For my Paper Trail album I created an original sound blending a Native American flute with a violin. I’ve made the samples available for the music makers out there who might find it useful. The video above goes into greater detail about the sound and how it was made. I have included both dry and reverb/delay versions of the instruments formatted for the Kontakt sampler.

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